The RuralCare Project team actively participates in the 3rd Co-Creation Workshop for the Assessment of EaSI funded activities 2014-2020

A representation of the RuralCare consortium of partners has participated today in the 3rd Co-Creation workshop organised by the group of operators responsible for Assessing and Disseminating the Results of the Social Innovation Calls Financed by the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) 2014-2020. RuralCare´s objectives, ambitions, innovative dimension and results delivered so

RuralCare collaborates with the DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission for the evaluation of the EaSI Programme.

  Contributing to the improvement and continuity of investment in social innovation. Click to access to the document

“Services based on people, and not the other way around”

The first step in implementing the RuralCare project has been to bring it closer to the people.


The concept of healthy ageing must be defined not by the absence of diseases but by the ability to continue performing all activities that interest the person.